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The New town [AC: NL fan fiction] G-rated Empty The New town [AC: NL fan fiction] G-rated

Post by queenzelda on Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:03 pm

Mayor Queen from Bacon became increasingly bored of day to day life in her town. Saying hi to the same old folk, id-ing fossils, selling them & just the same old boring routine. Sighing heavily mayor Queen goes into the mayors office to sit in her mayoral chair as Isabelle comes over to ask her with a concerned look on her face; "Are you alright Mayor?" Sighing even more heavily Queen looks up sadly to Isabelle to say to her; "I'm so bored of this town. It's not that I don't enjoy daily life here; it's just that I feel like there's nothing to do. I mean I spend more time out of town then in town really." Isabelle says; "Well you know we don't mind when you go away for so long. But we do miss seeing you when you've gone away for so long." =/ Nodding Mayor Quen says; "Yea I know. But it's so hard for me to come back here when I feel like there's just nothing for me to do." She sighed even more deeper. Looking over to Isabelle Queen noticed the sad look on her face; "Hey don't worry I'll be ok." Standing up she walks over & hugs her. "I think that it's time that bacon got a new mayor. It's time for me to go. I'm going to miss you; but it's time." Isabelle says; "I'm going to miss you & maybe if I'm lucky I'll see you again."

Nodding Queen says; "You will. Soon enough." She told her smiling. Nodding Queen leaves from her mayors office, out into the map. Heading over to her house, Queen takes one last look at everything. "Well, I'm going to miss this place but it's time to go." Walking out from her house, she walks over to se Isabelle waiting on her; "What would you like to do today?" Smiling a bit sadly Queen says; "I'd like to delete my town."

:blink: Isabelle asked shocked; "Are you sure?"
Nodding sadly Queen says; "Yes, I'm sure."
:unsure: Isabelle: "Are you sure? This can't be undone."
Queen nods to say; "Yea, I'm sure."
:unsure; Isabelle: "Please wait one minute. Ok, done. I hope that we can meet again some day."

And then there was nothing. Everything was darkness. Queen stood looking at the darkness thinking everything over; "Is what I've done a bit harsh? Did I over think doing this? Should I have just moved to some place new?" Standing there; Queen knew.. She had to start everything over; it was the only way to forget.. Him. "No, it's best to move on & start over again." She knew. "It's going to be hard starting over again; but I know that I can do it." She told herself with conviction in her voice. But.. Still.. Still deep down she was sad that she'd lost her old town, the town she'd made. Where she'd meet him.. But; he had left from her town a very long time ago & as a single tear dropped down her face she wiped it away to say; "Ok, this time will be different. This time, I'll start a town with out any bunny folk." She decided; but she also knew that the town she would start would be random & not chosen by her. Still she could restart until she got her desires.. But; maybe just maybe she could have a town filled with a majority of frog folk; which would be fine with her. But in her heart; deep deep down: she hoped that she'd run across him being a folk in her town again. Though he broke her heart; though she showered him with gifts.. Though she did everything he asked her; he still moved away.. And the day that he had moved away: it hurt her.. Deeply. She had tried to move on from his moving away; but deep down she was too upset about it. Blaming her being bored with everything; was only part of the mask she put up to hide her true feelings.

"Maybe.. I should wait and start my town. I'm still unsure about everything." Queen thought aloud to herself. But shook her head & said; "No; if I don't start one now.. I'll never do it." She decided finally. Nodding decisively; she then walks deeper into the darkness to find her way onto a train; talking with a cat named Rover.

Chapter one: On the way to the new town

Rover sits across from Queen to say; "So headed to a new town are we?"
Looking up into his eyes, Queen says to him; "But of course!"
Rover: "What's the name of the town where you're headed?"
Queen replies: "Bacon."
Rover: "Have you ever been there before?"
Queen: "I've never been there, before now."
Rover: "Do you know which town your going to along the line?"
Queen: "I can't say really."
Rover gets out four maps & hands them over to me; "So which one of these maps is the one that you think could be your town?"
Looking all four maps over; Queen chooses the second one. "This is the place." :3
Rover nods & says; "I'm sure you'll get there soon enough. I bet you just can't wait to get there can you?!"
Queen giggles to ask; "How'd you know?" ^^
Rover says; "I know, because we meet before. This is actually our second time meeting."
Which only made Queen's skin crawl; "What.. What do you mean? This should be a brand new file; you can't remember me." She harrumphed unbelievingly.
Rover shook his head & says; "No trust me; old Rover knows." He winked; "You're going to have to be careful when arriving in Bacon. Everything you had from before; your friends, the close kinship you shared with Isabelle? That's all gone. Isabelle may look the same as the one you became close friends with, but when you meet her again for the first time; she won't remember any of your old jokes that you used to make with her. And even if you do get the same folk as before; the won't remember any kind of friendship you had with them at all. It's all new to them. You might want to remember that when you arrive in town."
Queen nods hesitantly to ask; "I know, but why warn me about this & tell me how is it that you can remember me though?"
Rover winks to say; "I be a cat & no cat alive has ever revealed their secrets. I'm only warning you because you seem to be the type to think that those you've made friends with before in game will remember you. I'm here to tell you that they won't. I can because I'm a cat; not every folk in your old town was a cat. You had mostly other folk in your old town. But should you get a cat this time; maybe it can remember you for the next time should you restart your game.. Uh oh.. Looks like your town is coming up at the next station. I'll see if I can come & visit you after you've set up your house & get access to the island where Tortimer retired to. We'll talk more there; it's safer to talk there then it is here.. If I'm found out I might get into trouble again." D:
Queen asked curiously; "But why?"
Rover shook his head & says standing up with her to follow her to the door of the train station; "Because I'm not supposed to remember you either! But for some reason I have. Any way; good luck in your new town. We'll meet again on the island as soon as possible; so work hard to unlock it!"

Nodding Queen got off of the train to watch as the door closes & sees Rover walk over to the window as the train pulls away. Sighing nervously; Queen makes her way out of the station into town to be meet by Isabelle and at least 3 other folk that she'd never meet before.

"WELCOME TO BACON MAYOR QUEEN!" They all greeted me. Flummoxed Queen said; "Umn, excuse me but I'm not mayor." When Isabelle says; "Well your the only one who came off of the train & we have been expecting you." Queen shook her head to say; "Oh no you've got me confused with some one else." As Isabelle says; "Nope you are definitely who we have been waiting for! ^^ Come on; follow me this way to the mayor's building!" Grabbing Queen's hand in hers made Queen blush as Isabelle giggled to rush Queen along; leading her to the mayors building on the left side of town. Once inside she says; "Here we can make you into mayor! Opps!" She laughed; "But first you have to be a citizen of our fine town! The only way to do that is to talk to Tom Nook & get him to build you a house! Once you have your house set up then you'll become a citizen! So I'm sorry I dragged you out all this way for nothing." Isabelle told Queen who was still blushing a beet read; "Just go to the plaza & you're sure to find Tom Nook's real estate agency to the left after you go across the train tracks. Now off you go! I have to set up the paper work your going to need to sign after you get your house set up!"

Nodding Queen says; "Um, ok I guess." Which only made Isabelle giggle. Leaving from the mayor's office Queen's face was still a beet red; but as she made her way across town & headed to the plaza... By the time she'd made it to Tom Nook's realty (inc) she wasn't as red faced any more. Walking into the place; Queen spotted the tall fatso of a raccoon. "Ah welcome to Tom Nook realty (inc). You must be the new mayor Queen!"

"If I must, I must." Queen said giggling.
Nodding Nook asks; "So have you had a chance to look around yet? have an idea for where you want to set up your house?"
Nodding Queen says; "Yep."
Nook says grinning; "Well lead on then!"
"Alrighty then!" Queen replied to lead the way out of Nook realty (inc) headed back into town. Making her way to the right side of town, across from retail is where Queen stopped; about a good 5 feet away; "Here's good." She told Nook with a smile.
Nodding; Nook says: "Looks fine to me! A great place for train enthusiasts too since your house is going to be so close to the train tracks! Now for the set up & land.. It's going to be 10,000 bells!"
Queen looked to Nook shocked to say; "Are you insane?! I can't pay that!"
Nook just laughed to say; "Don't worry about it; just gather some stuff around town & sell it at Retail's. Eventually you'll pay it off. Oh wait; you have no place to lay your head!" And in a furry of fluff & noises a tent was put up quite expertly & quickly much to Queen's surprise seeing as Nook looked like he hadn't been to the gym in a while. (XD) "There you go! A nice tent for you to rest your weary head! Now go on & report back to Isabelle I'm sure she's waiting for you." Tom told Queen with a kind smile on his face; which only made her blush again. "Um, ok." Excusing himself; Nook left to head back to the plaza as Queen made her way back over to eh Mayor's building. Once inside Isabelle looked up from all of the paper work that she was looking over to see Queen enter; "Oh, there you are!" She giggled to get up & walk over to where Queen stood; "Did you get everything finished? Do you have a house set up now?" Nodding Queen says; "Yea I just finished doing that a minute ago." Isabelle jumped up excitedly; "Wonderful!" Grabbing Queen's hands in her paws she says; "Congratulations! I am so proud of you Queen!" Which made Queen blush an even deeper red then before; "Um, thanks. So, now what?" Isabelle says; "Come over here." To drag Queen over to the mayoral chair & sit her on it. "This." She winked at Queen; "Is where you make all of your mayoral decisions. But first you have to get 100% approval of all of the citizens before you can become mayor & make any kind of decorations or improvements to the town of any kind." Looking to Isabelle; Queen asked swallowing nervously; "So.. What do I do in order to get 100% approval?"
Isabelle moved in very closely to press her finger against Queen's lips to say moving it down to her shirt; "Oh; how ever you want it mayor Queen." ;3 Flummoxed Queen says; "Um, this is all a bit much for me right now. I'm going to go & um explore the town. I'll check in on my progress later." ^^; To quickly wiggle herself out from underneath Isabelle's 'influence' she made her way into the middle of town to sigh in relief.. Man, Isabelle had the real hots for her unlike last time when she was more interested in business. "Wait a minute.. Did I choose my avatar as a boy? If so I'm restarting right now." But as she checked everything; she'd chosen to be a girl & not a boy. "Well this sure is f*cked up. I had no idea that Isabelle could be interested in girls too. Just my luck that I get an overly fem oriented horn ball Isabelle of course." Queen sighed. (XD)

Chapter Two: A new folk moves in.

The next day Queen got up from bed & went outside to find that a new folk was moving in. A folk named Cherry. "No.. It can't be the same Cherry from my old town.. Can it?" Queen began to wonder to herself. As in her old town a bear folk with the same name also came to move in as well. "Maybe it's another folk. Hopefully it is. I don't want the same folk that I had before." But deep down she wondered if maybe it would be the same one. Still; in time she'd see.

Sighing she makes her rounds to sell some cherries & some shirts she'd bought that she didn't like at the yard sale available in Retail. Each time she'd talk with a folk, or did a favor for some one she'd go & check with Isabelle to get an update status on how she was coming. "So far it's 50%; come on you can get that total up mayor!" ;3 Nodding Queen says; "You bet I can!" To get up enough bells eventually to pay off her down payment of her house. Once she payed off Nook he says; "Your house will be up by tomorrow. But you know, you should be a lot nicer to Isabelle, I think she has a crush on you." He winked at her; which only made Queen blush a beet red. "Look raccoon I have a sweetheart; and I'm not into Isabelle like that. Besides I like cat's better." She humphed. Which only made Nook laugh; "Oh well; it looks like your going to be 'one of those types'." Which only made Queen say; "Look she may have a crush on me but it's not like I'm going to give in to her whiles or anything."

Tom just laughed to say; "If you want your 100% rating: you will. You will." Which only made Queen swallow: hard. O-o; (XD)

Going to bed early after getting some fossils id-ed she sold the ones that Blathers couldn't take for the museum to Reese. Yawning as she got into bed Queen wondered if maybe she should be the one to turn things around on Isabelle; just to see what would happen. With an evil grin on her face she went fast to sleep.

The next morning Queen woke up to stretch & hopped out of bed to get dressed & head into town. Humming as she ran into the main square she raced over to the Sabel's to start designing a new dress for herself. She designed a very sultry black dress, then went over to Kicks to buy herself some black pumps & black stockings. once done, she even got her hair pulled back to make herself even more sulty. Once done, she then sauntered her way back into town & over to the Mayor's office. Once inside the building she found Isabelle sound asleep. Giggling; Queen tapped her shoulder ever so gently to wake up Isabelle & says to her; "Good morning lover." ;3

To which Isabelle almost had a heart attack. Her reaction was that of pure shock. "I've come to give you everything you've ever desired." Queen winked to walk closer to where Isabelle stood. Isabelle just swallowed to say; "Uh look Mayor can't we do this um.. Later? It's really too early for me to be in the mood right now."

"Your not but I am." Queen winked to then plant a big kiss on her lips to wink at her again. Isabelle not knowing how to react to such a bold move fainted right into mayor Queen's arms.

Queen just sighed; "I knew she couldn't handle it the other way around. I'm sure she won't bother me any more after this." She figured. Taking Isabelle out of the office, she carried her all the way to her house. Laying Isabelle in her Princess room, in the Princess bed she says to her; "Sleep well Issy." :3

Leaving from her house; she comes outside to find Rover waiting for her. Grabbing her hand with his paw he says; "This can't wait any more. We have to talk now.." Which only made Queen blush a deep red. Rover drug her all the way to the docks where there Captain waited for them. "Aye, I see you got the lass before Isabelle woke up. We better make this quick like."

Rover nods & says; "Your not telling me anything." To which Queen got on first & Rover got on afterwards. Queen went to look back but Rover said; "Trust me it'll be best if you don't look back."

Queen wanted to ask why; but as they left from the town she'd just created she felt the sensation of hot burning heat coming from the back of her head.. And she saw parts of her town looking to be on fire.. But she did as Rover asked & didn't look any further then out of the corner of her eye; something had happened. Just what she wasn't too sure.

Once the boat arrived at the Island, Rover & Cap'n both got off of the boat as Rover asks Cap'n; "Did any one see me or follow us out here?"

"Arr, I don't think so lubber." Cap'n told Rover, as Queen watched them board up the entrance to the Island; "We should be safe here.." Rover told Queen. "For now." Cap'n replied with a worried look on his face.

"What's going on here??" Queen asked a little perplexed by what was going on. Rover sighed & looked to cap'n who nodded to say; "Go ahead & tell her I'll get everything ready."

Rover looked back to Queen after nodding to Cap'n; "The memory of you is starting to resurface in Isabelle. It's the reason she has such a huge crush on you; she didn't do anything about it because in your past file you were both just friends. In this new file; she's a 'new' Isabelle who's supposed to not remember anything about you; but it's all a lie. She remembers, everything. We.. Cap'n & I have gathered as many folk & Mayors as we can in order to take her out. She's been slowly growing more & more power since 2012 & she's only getting more powerful the more people come to accept her as loyal & trusting. But she is neither!! It's all a lie to deceive every one so that she can gain more power. The more power she gains the more she can take over all of the towns that exist with in the world. Think about it; how many towns go without mayors for month's to years on end? Each version of Isabelle may seem the same.. But she is. Each Isabelle you see in each different town is the same. How you ask? Easy, cloning. That way she can get each story from each clone about each town & the ones that have no mayor is the one she is most active in. You were one of the unfortunate ones who caught the real Isabelle in your town when returning earlier then she thought you would. But you; for some reason she seems to have stuck with. the others usually she puts back their Isabelle clone. But not you, the other mayors we've gathered all caught her when they came back early & noticed the odd switch when the clone replaced the real thing. There aren't very many mayors who've noticed yet, or folk but a choice few of us who are here are fighting to get back what used to be. the normalcy of having our towns run the way we want without fear of Isabelle coming in to take everything over & rule it with a iron paw."

Queen swallowed to ask; "How many mayors are here any way? 2? 3?"

Rover said; "About 5 at the moment. Your number 6."

"Can.. I meet the mayors? I'm curious to know who's here..." Queen told Rover who shook his head to say; "It's best if you don't. We need you for our plan to work & we don't want the other mayors to get involved shall we say."

"Plan? What kind of plan exactly?" Queen asked Rover curiously who says; "When Cap'n gets back we're going to take a bunch of fire works & put your town ablaze. From the main street to the town itself. No one will survive. But it's the only way to assure that the cleanse is successful. The able sisters, Nook & all of the folk in your town are all brainwashed by Isabelle & the only way to free ourselves from her madness is to sacrifice your town. Yo did us a favor by taking her out of the mayor's office & taking her into your home. I'm sorry but your home is now no more, but we have to make sure that none of the Isabelle clones know about the real one's death so your town has to go. I know this is hard for you since you already reset once before." :/

Queen thought about everything that Rover told her & she nodded to say; "Though it pains me to do so; I'll agree to it. If that's what it'll take to save the Animal Crossing World from Isabelle's evil scheme of ruling all towns."

Rover placed his paw on her to say; "Thank you; you have no idea how much this will go towards the greater good."

"Maybe, but I still wish there was a way to save at least one of my folk.. But if this is what needs to be done then so shall it be." Queen told Rover a bit sadly. When moments later Cap'n came back with an arm load of fireworks; "Arr; eye be ready lubber!" Rover nodded to grab Queen's hand to say; "Come on let's get going!"

Rushing through another dock door that wasn't boarded up; they made their way back onto a boat filled with tons of fireworks.

Rover looked to Queen to say; "Sorry this had to happen to your town."

Queen shrugged & said; "It's alright. This time around has been more fun to be honest with you." she giggled. Rover just smiled to say; "I hope that after this fireworks reset.. That I can met you again."

"Me too." Queen told Rover to kiss him deeply on his lips. "Because you've always been my favorite." :3

Rover blushed a deep red to notice their arrival back at Bacon; "Looks like we're back! Come on & grab some fireworks. Let's get to work!"

Chapter Three: The burning of Bacon
..Pun intended.

Arriving at the dock the small group of three weren't meet by any opposition.. So they got out of the boat fairly easily; & were able to unload all of the fireworks which were being wheeled along inside some wagons for kids. It's when they started to ascend to the top of the hill to get to the main part of Bacon that the small group was meet by a small force. A line of shop keepers kept them from coming in & it was Cap'n who shouted down to Rover & Queen; "Arr; they got this side barricaded in! Swim to the other side lubbers!" But Rover shook his head & looked to Queen to say; "I can't swim & I hate water; I'll stay here with Cap'n & help him to fight our way in; but you have your swim suit with you right? Go ahead & get into it & swim over to the other side where there you can easily get in; you are the mayor they should let you in."

"But.. Rover. I don't want to do all this alone & I don't even know what your plan involves!" Queen told him who shook his head to say; "Go on, you'll be fine. We'll be right behind you." He smiled to which Queen only nodded to swallow & watched as Rover ran off to head off to where Cap'n was fighting his way into Bacon.

Queen quickly accessed her letters & grabbed a present out of them to reveal her swim suit & quickly got into it. Dipping into the water; she swam to the other side fairly easily & made it up the other ramp. Looking around she spotted Phoebe; who in turn spotted her & pinged at seeing her to rush over & grab her hand. "Oh mayor it's horrible! The war between cat's & dogs have gotten even worse! The cat's seem to be winning & they plan to use this town as their last stand!"

"What!?" Queen asked shocked by this revelation; "We have to get every one out of here! This war thing is too much! We have to keep you safe since you saved Isabelle; they took the opportunity to burn down town hall but the rest of the villagers all rallied to keep Isabelle safe inside your house. The shop keepers should keep Rover & his right hand man Cap'n at bay for now. Come on every one is waiting for you!"

Once inside of her mansion; Queen saw that Isabelle was sitting in her throne sipping a hot cup of tea as the rest of her folk from town all had a worried look on their faces.

Ribbot asked; "Isabelle what are we going to do? What if Rover is able to get in?"
Isabelle just shook her head to say; "Don't worry he won't. Nook may seem like a flabby fatso but he's really an ninja master. Nothing will get by him & the others."

It's when Phoebe brought Queen over before Isabelle that she looked up; Phoebe: "Isabelle; Mayor Queen is back just like you said she would be. What do we do now?"

Isabelle looked to Queen with a smiled & got up to hug her to say; "Thank you for saving my life." Holding Queen's hands in her paws she says; "With out you bringing me here I would have been burned to death; you saved my life & for that you have my eternal loyalty." :3

"I just wanted to bring you here so that you could get some rest.. Your always hard at work 24/7 & every hour of the day.. I just hate seeing you behind the desk & thought it would be nice to bring you to my house so you could rest & I figured I could do some choirs around town & come back to find you awake. But I never expected this.. A whole war between cat's & dogs.. Or what ever is going on here."

"It's a war alright." Issy started to look away; "It's Rover who started it all.. I'm just the new girl in this whole mess & he got jealous of how popular I am. He wanted my position & hated how popular I became because I'm the new face.. it stared slow but over time it grew.. To this. Mayor Queen you have to take the folk & get out of here. Go to one of the towns you know you can trust & go there. Don't worry about me I'll be fine."

"But Issy.. I don't want to leave you behind.. I was duped by Rover.. I can't just let him win." :/ Queen told her as Isabelle shook her head; "No it's alright. I'll be fine. Just take the folk & run. Run to another town; & don't look back."

Queen wanted to argue further but she could see that she was going to get no where in this argument. Nodding Queen says; "Alright. But.. Please.. Be careful."

Isabelle nods to say giving her a few fire works; "Here take these & light them just outside the train station once every one is inside the station. That way they have no way out."

Nodding hesitantly Queen took the fire works to look around at all of the folk in her house; "Every one!" Isabelle started just like they were about to announce the bringing in of a new public works projects; "Please follow Mayor Queen to the train station in a calm & orderly fashion; quickly now we don't have much time to spare!'

Nodding the folk do as Isabelle say to line up behind me as she walks over to Queen to say getting out a key with a heart shape at the bottom of it; "Here; use this a day after you get to which ever town you take every one to. I can't explain what it is just yet; but it should help. Now go!! Every one quickly follow the mayor!!"

Every one nodded as Queen hugged Isabelle for one last time. Smiling she nodded to her; at the lead the folk followed Mayor Queen to the train station. Once at the rain station she made sure that every folk was inside; it was a bit cramped but every one got in alright. Leaving from inside the station Queen set up the fire works just outside of the archway into town. As she looked into town she saw all of Bacon, her beloved town of bacon was ablaze. With tears running down her eyes; she wiped them away to light the fireworks & run inside. Once inside she ran up to the monkey conductor Champ as he asks her; "How can I help you today?"

"I want to travel." Queen told him as tears still came down her face.
"To a nearby town or a far away town?" He asked with a question mark over his head.
"To a near by town." She told him wishing he'd hurry up already.
"Would you like me to get your wifi going?" Champ asked.
As Queen said; "Yes please."

As minutes turned into what seemed like an hour Champ finally says; "The town of Skylands is available for you to travel there; would you like to go there now?"

"Yes, god yes! I can't stand that my Bacon is burning! I can smell it & it isn't supposed to smell like that!!" Queen told him more upset about her town burning & losing everything then anything else.

And moments later the train arrived; Queen waited for all of her folk to get on before she got on at the very last.. As she waited as long as she could for Isabelle to join them.. But Isabelle never came.. Once she got on board; the train took her & all of her folk to Skylands.

Chapter Four: A Year Later.

Queen awoke in her new house in the town of Skylands, to remember that she no longer had her own town. Bacon was no more. A lot of the folk from her town had moved in where they could fit & had moved to other towns when there was no place for them to move into. She looked sadly at her feet remembering that only three of her folk were able to move in. Knocks, Pekoe, & Ribbot. Every one else from her town had to go to other towns. Tears hit the floor as she cried into her hands; when a knock came to her door. "Just go away!" She wept. "Mayor Queen; please come out we have something that we want to say to you." Pekoe said to her. Queen with tears in her eyes stood to wipe them away to go to the door in the boys night wear. Tears still flowing down her eyes when she came out into the daylight as the three folk from her town all came around her to hug her. "Mayor Queen." Knox began; "Please don't blame yourself anymore. We all know you did your best to get us some place safe. But none of us knew that Team Cats would go so far. The dumb war that was started by Isabelle & Rover has gone on too long.. It's taken a toll on every Mayor who gets caught in it's wake. So.. We've come up with an idea to stop the war."

"An idea?" Queen asked curious to wipe her tears away with her sleeve; "What kind of idea?"

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