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The tale of the rebel heart's.

Walking into the hallway of Ever After High that Princess Amelthia had transferred to from the one that the Butterfly suggested; she realized just how much bigger & grander it was by comparison to the one she'd gone to prior. Relaxing as she walked the halls; she realized that she could finally focus on her studies with out worrying about her love with Prince Lir getting in the way. Because for his story to come true; she had to be turned from a human back into a unicorn & she didn't want that. She loved Lir & wanted to stay human; but Lir was a royal through & through and had already sighed the story book of legends last semester before he graduated.

But when she was asked to sign the book this year that she'd transferred to the school; she had refused to sign it as Raven Queen & some others had in order to gain their own destinies. Amalthia & a few other Princess's were rebels who attended the school. Another rebel that Amalthia knew of was Princess Meri Knight who was the daughter of the Unicornian Queen who's story had transcended generations & yet Meri wanted nothing to do with having the same story that her mother did. Not that Amalthia blamed her; her mother's story was one of ruin & despair who wanted to have a 'happily ever after' with a mad man destroying your kingdom & tearing apart your family to look forwards to? No one. Amalthia wanted to remain a human & not be returned to her form of being a unicorn at all. Becoming friends with the Unicornian Princess Meri assured her that she'd help her in any way she could to keep the spell lasting long past her graduation; as long as Amalthia wanted to remain human the spell would last as such over her.

Still; studying to become a Princess over enchanted creatures was hard at times & her friend Meri seemed to excel at it since her mother Rainbow taught a lot of it to her while she was growing up.  

On the way to the next class; which was Cooking class she saddled up next to Meri who said with a smile; "Hey bestie. How's the magic flowing today?" :3

Amalthia just giggled & said; "Wonderfully per usual. How's the horn feeling? Itchy yet?"

"No, not yet. It's still some time before it's spring yet. It'll be mid-April when it starts to itch fully." Meri winked to lean into Amalthia who just giggled. Raven Queen spotted the two best friends to walk over & ask them; "What's up?"

Meri smiled & hugged Raven to say; "Not much. I was just telling Amalthia a unicorn joke was all. What's up with you & Maddie as of today?"

Maddie ran over to say; "Same as usual; everything is always hatastic!" She grinned. "You girls going to the spring fling dance??" Maddie asked curiously hopping up & down excitedly. Meri looked over to Amalthia who only rubs on her right arm with her left hand nervously; "I want to go." She said; "But I don't want to be distracted by Lir. He did sign the book & I didn't. He still wants me to sign it but I always refuse & we end up getting in a fight about it. So I'd rather not." She sighed. Meri places a hand on her shoulder to say to Amalthia; "You could always go with Lord Maliss's son who's a rebel; Lord Anak. You're pretty close friend with him aren't you?"

"Yea, we talk about everything." Amalthia blushed admittedly to sway back and forth as Raven Queen says with a smile after giggling; "See there you go. Just ask him to go with you." Turning to Meri she asked suspiciously; "So Unicornian Princess what about you? Am I going to drag you to this dance like I did the last Spring Fling dance?"

Meri only put up both hands to shake them & say; "No, no. I'll come even if I have no date. Remember I don't want the same fate as my mother so no dating boys for me." She blushed slightly. As Madiene Hatter says getting in close; "Maybe but it doesn't mean that you can't fall in love with some one.. Or even find some one you like to go with."

"Well how about you, Maddie? Are you going with any one?" Meri asked pointing a finger to her; to which Madine says with a nod; 'Yep, I'm going with Alistair Wonderland. He promised to go with me since he owes me a favor." She giggled winking over at Raven Queen who only rolled her eyes. Raven says; "See even Maddie has a date. I'm going with Prince Daring. So, you at least have to make a try at getting some one to go with you Meri." Raven told her in a slight sigh.

Meri only shook her head & says; "It's alright I'd rather go stag anyway. Spell you later girls." She waved to walk away as Raven only sighed. Amalthia had stayed behind to speak with Raven alone & says to her; "Actually. I know the perfect person to ask her to go to the dance.. He's had a crush on her since she started going here after I got here this term. I think she & Lir.. Would work out fabulously; he always tells me I need to be more like Meri; which I think is weird." She sighed deeply. Raven lay a hand on Amalthia's shoulder to say; "No, getting Lir together with Meri would only make things worse between you two. Not only that but Lir still loves you; it's just you both want different things right now. Don't get Meir mixed up in this it won't be good for any of you. I'll try looking around; I'm sure there's a guy here who'd ask Meri to the dance in a heart beat." ;3

[Part One: Raven Queen tries to play Cupid.]

Amalthia nods & says; "Yea, I guess your right. I'll see you later. I have to get to my next class. Charm you later!" She smiled to wave good-bye to the two other girls.

Amalthia just sighed deeply as she entered into Cooking Class. Raven Queen herself headed off to Spells Class as Maddie headed off to her Tea Class.

Raven Queen sat in class not paying any attention to what she was making in her spells class, when the teacher came over to ask her; "So what sort of spell are you mixing today Raven Queen?"

"Huh!?" Raven asked as she stood up straight to snap out of her thoughts. Making her spill some of her mixture into the cauldron! Moments later after the mixture made a huge 'poof' and green smoke appear.. Once the smoke cleared a young man bowed low to say; "I am he who you seek to ask the Unicornian Princess fair to said dance this Saturday."

To which the spell maker says; "A bit new to the world; but A plus for effort. try making him a bit more evil; evil minions are best suited for evil Queen's."

T which Raven just giggles to say; "Yea, ok sure." Rolls her eyes to finish saying; "Thanks." Looking at the young man who stands to smile she asks him; "What's your name?"

"Well.." He began not too sure what to say; "I guess I am your son. You created me so you should be the one to name me." He nodded. Raven Queen looked to the young man all clad in green with white pants, blonde hair, who seemed to be straight out of a fairy tale book about young knights in training. She thought about it to say; "I'll name you Link. You look like a Link." She grinned. "So, since your my son that makes you a Prince. Now with that out of the way I want you to go to locker 12 and meet Princess Meri Knight & ask her to go with you to the Spring Fling dance. Understood?"

"Of course mother; anything you say." He says bowing low again. Nodding she says; "Good boy; now off you go!" To wave Link off to shake her head & cross her arms as Link headed out of the classroom headed into the hallway.

[Part 2: Enter Erin Hawk; son of King Sea Hawk & Queen Adora Hawk]

Eran Hawk who wanted every bit of his father's happily ever after walked the halls to wave down Meri Knight. She grinned to walk over & he smiles to say; "Hey uh; I know I'm new here but you've really been nice to me & helped me to fit in.. So I was wondering if you have any one going with you to the Spring Fling Dance?"

Meri says; "No, I didn't plan to go with anyone. I was thinking about going stag actually." She giggled. "Why do you ask?"

Erin said; "Actually.. I wondered.. IF I could go with you; as friends?" He asked earnestly looking into her eyes.

When Link came over to say; "Actually I was going to ask the fair Princess Meri to the dance myself." To which Eran asks; "And who are you?" To which Link bows to say; "I am fair Prince Link; magical made son of Raven Queen."

To which Meri only face palmed herself as she asked; "Really? Did Raven make me a date just so I wouldn't end up going by myself?" Sighing she says; "Though it is typical Raven Queen shenanigans though." She giggled; looking to Link she says; "Look I appreciate the thought but Eran Hawk asked me to the dance first so I'll go with him; tell your mother I'm sorry from me would you? Hey I know, why don't you ask Amalthia to go to the dance with you? She and Lir have different wants for their happily ever after at the moment; shall we say."

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