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Kingdom Hearts: Count Bleck's tale (Rated G) Empty Kingdom Hearts: Count Bleck's tale (Rated G)

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Aerith (Meri) looked to Bleck with sadness in her eyes. "You mean.. Timpani. Right?" Bleck merely looked away; "Be he he." Tipping his hat to hide his face he says; "You remind me a little of her." Aerith (Meri) smiled; "And you remind me of Anakin. A little bit." She giggled. Bleck looked to her & asks; "Be he he, tell me one of light.. What are you doing here in this dreary place?" Aerith (Meri) shook her head; "I am not who I seem to be. I know I look like Aerith Gainburogh, but that's not who I am. I am Unicornyan Princess Meri Knight. A princess of light, & I was in the middle of battling against a lavos spawn when.. It used a spin move & then I woke up here.. In this body that isn't mine." She told him in a slight sigh. Walking close to her; he tapped his cane on her & all of a sudden the shadows around her showed her true form. That of the unicornyan Princess. Seeing through a mirror he made appear before her; "Be he, there you are you again Princess." She was so happy that she hugged Bleck with out even thinking; realizing it she pulled back to bow to him; "Opps, sorry about that Count." She blushed & stood to see him shaking his head; "Be he, it's alright. Tell me, do you mind if I travel with you? Your not staying here are you?" Meri shook her head to say; "No, I want to get out of here. So please come with me, we can help each other I figure." She tells him happily. He tips his hat to her & leads the way as she follows at his side & anytime a monster gets too near he defeats it deftly with his cane. Once they left from the mysterious toy factory; looking around Meri says suddenly; "I KNOW WHERE WE ARE! WE'RE IN TWILIGHT TOWN!" She giggled to see the fountain at the entrance to the middle part of town they were in now. To the left of the toy factory was a door way that lead into the 101 Dalmation's home. Beyond that was the part of town that lead to where the Inn was located. Meri smiled & says pointing to the door just behind where the fountain could be see; at the top of the stairs was the door leading to the entry way into Twilight town & the store where Cid Highwind ran things. "If we go through the door at the top; we should be able to make our way to Cid's shop. He should be able to help us out some how or another I figure." Bleck nodded & asks; "What are your plans?" Meri says; "I know that there are a lot of other worlds & if there's a way I can get back to mine.. I'd like to do that if it's possible. I'd like you to come with me; if you have no where to call home." Bleck hid his face with his hat again to ask looking away; "Are you sure? I completely destroyed my world & many others all because I couldn't be with one of light. Such as yourself." Meri shook her head to kneel down & says looking into his red eyes; "No, I don't think that your the one who's responsible.. I feel that it was some one else who pushed things that far. I don't know who it was but I know that I'm right. So please, I want you to come with me." Bleck just laughed; "Be he, be hehehehe." Nodding; "Count Bleck is with you Princess of Light. Let's keep going." Meri pumped her fists & jumped up to celebrate happily to grab Bleck's hand in her's rushing with him towards the double doors. But half way up the stairs, they were assaulted by heartless & Bleck stepped forwards to wack them with his cane.. Which suddenly turned into a black keyblade with a white tip & he was able to defeat them easily leading the rest of the way to the exit with Meri at his side. Once through the double doors they both sighed & caught their breath when they heard a man's voice say; "They'll just keep coming you know." When they looked over to see Leon with his sword out while tapping it against his shoulder; "As long as he wields a keyblade; they'll just keep coming." Meri sighs to say; "Maybe; but we still had to get out of there. LEON. So, is Cid available or do we have to make different arrangements?" Leon only looked to Meri to smile & says, walking close to her; "Humph, if Princess White says that he's available then he's available." Meri sighs to say with a hand on her forehead; "The name is KNIGHT, Squall." Who just laughs to say, with a grin; "If you say so. Come on; I'll lead the way." Meri only shrugged as she & Bleck followed him from the top of the stairs down them into the shop that Cid ran. Once inside; Cid was busy doing something when Leon approached the counter to tap it with his sword & say; "Hey Cid, Princess White wants to talk with you." Cid only waved Leon away; "Look I'm kind of busy making a new accessory.. Come back in half an hour." Leon only shrugged looking to Meri to say; "You heard him; he's busy. You can come over to the place & say hello to the others if you want. I'm sure Aerith would like to see you again, same with Yuffie." Meri looked to Bleck who seemed a bit nervous; she shook her head & says; "It's alright. I know there's a cafe outside of Cid's shop; we can go there & have something to eat while we wait."

Bleck merely shook his head, tipped his hat to hids his face & says; "You should go & visit with your friends. I'll wait here. Be he he." Meri.. Well.. Wasn't too sure about leaving him alone, but when he insisted she decided it wouldn't hurt to see everyone & allowed Leon to lead the way to where the others where at.

Meanwhile, Bleck curiously looked at his keyblade cane. "Curious how one such as me can use something such as this." When he heard Xehnort say; "It's because of your heart. You wish to protect the Princess of Light. So of course you're going to be able to weild such a weapon." Bleck merely closed his eyes; "So, one of the dark tribe appears." Xehonort merely smiled to say; "Now now, aren't you glad to see one of your own Count?" Beck merely laughed; "Be he he. Not when your the one responsible for more people ending up here then I am for my worlds." He tells him; looking away from him. Leaving from the shop, Xehonort follows him to laugh; "Now now. At least you did a good job, unlike some of our other breathern & sisteren." Bleck closed his eyes to say; "I am nothing like any of you." Xehonort merely chuckled; "So you say, yet here you are. All because of what you did. All to be with your lady of light." Pointing to his keyblade; he asks; "Can you truely say you deserve to weild that?" Bleck wasn't too sure himself; but if the princess thought he did.. Bleck nodded; "The Princess of light says I can. If it is so; then I am worthy!" He says to swing his sword; missing Xehonort who vanishes through a haze of black mist; "Then.. It must be so." He laughed, leaving Bleck alone with a feeling that he'd be having another conversation with one of his kind sooner then later.

When reaching the hideout where Leon, Areith & Yuffie hug out at both girls saw her coming & ran over to give her huge hugs. "PRINCESS WHITE!" They both yelled while hugging her. Meri only sighed; "It's Knight you know." Both girls only laughed to say; "It's so good to see you again." Arieth asks; "When did you get here anyway?" Meri shrugs to say; "I don't know. All I remember is waking up in the toy factory with Bleck, looking like you Areith. But Bleck gave me back my own look & I asked him to come with me. So he did. Leon met us when we came to see Cid. Then he brought me here to see you guys." Leaon sighed to say leaning against a wall; "I don't know if I trust this Count guy. Yea, he may have a keyblade. But, that doens't make him a good guy." Meri sighs to say; "Look, I trust Bleck. Deep down I feel he's a good person. You should trust me on that." Yuffie laughs to say; "Yea, well you thought that most of the people in the Organization were good people & some of them weren't." Meri sighs to say; "That maybe so; but it was their choice not to become a good person. Every one can make that choice; it's up to each person if they choose to do so or not." Neutral

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